Alberto Uribe-Echevarría And Aitor Elizegi Will Soon Begin Campaigning After Collecting Signatures Of Support


The race for control of Ibaigane has begun (MD)

When trying to accomplish a goal the hardest step to take is often the first one. Alberto Uribe-Echevarría and Aitor Elizegi made the decision to step forward as Athletic Club Presidential candidates and immediately began working to obtain the necessary signatures of support needed by the 7 December deadline. As expected, both turned in more than enough signatures and will be formally presented as candidates and 12 December.

Uribe-Echevarría showed up at Ibaigane just after noon on Friday with 3,300 signatures from Socios, much more than the 2,069 that were needed. He was accompanied by his entire team and would take the time to address reporters while also explaining the specific roles within his Board of Directors. The former Accountant would also return later in the day with more signatures bringing his total to 4,000.

Aitor Elizegi waited until the end of the day to make his visit to Ibaigane, citing his desire to attend to every Socio before turning in his signatures of support. He was accompanied by some 30 supporters as he submitted 3,120 at the club’s headquarters. Athletic will now count and determine the exact number of valid signatures before formally presenting the candidates on Wednesday, 12 December.

Both Presidential candidates have given voters glimpses into their vision for the club, but have yet to lay out any detailed project. “We will wait for the official proclamation of candidates on 12 December to present our project for Athletic Club for the next few years”, Uribe-Echevarría told reporters on Friday. The focus over the last week has been collecting the signatures, but now that the stage has been complete the two opponents will now start sharing their goals and plans for the club as they campaign for control of Ibaigane.

The two Presidential hopefuls have presented themselves quite differently over the past week. Uribe-Echevarría has painted himself as the candidate for continued stability, receiving support from politicians and several former Presidents, while Elizegi is being seen as the candidate of change that will lead the club with passion and an open ear to the fans. With only the formal presentation left, both candidates will now begin campaigning to earn the votes of Athletic Socios ahead of the 27 December election.

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