Aitor Elizegi Submits Socio Signatures At Ibaigane To Formalize His Presidential Candidacy

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi and his supporters at Ibaigane

Friday was the deadline for Athletic Club Presidential candidates to submit the necessary signatures of support from Socios to formalize their candidacies. The requirement of obtaining signatures from 5% of voting eligible Socios – exactly 2,069 – was first met by Alberto Uribe-Echevarría who turned in over 3,300 at Ibaigane just after noon. Opponent Aitor Elizegi said in an interview the previous day that he had already received enough support but waited until much later to submit his signatures.

Elizegi and more than 30 supporters arrived at Ibaigane at 10:30pm to submit the signatures of support. The famous chef turned in 3,120 signatures and told reporters outside of the club’s headquarters that he is very excited to be officially running a campaign for the Presidency of Athletic.

“This is excited, Athletic is alive. There are people wanting to express themselves and wanting to talk. I want to thank the titanic effort made this week by more than 50 people collaborating from different towns in Bizkaia and a campaign team that worked until the last minutes to attend to each and every one of the Socios.”

Unlike his opponent, Elizegi did not announce the members of his Board of Directors. However, he did at least reveal that Mikel Martínez, a doctor in La Vuelta, will serve as his Vice President. Now that both candidates have submitted the necessary signatures they will be formally presented by the club on Wednesday at noon. The campaigning will now ramp up over the next few weeks with voting scheduled to take place on 27 December.

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