Unai Bustinza “I Prefer An Athletic In The Second Division Over Changing The Philosophy”

Unai Bustinza

Unai Bustinza is proud of Athletic’s philosophy (Leganes)

The worrisome situation at Athletic Club is being felt well outside of Bilbao. Former Lions, even those still playing, have come out to express their hope that things will turn around and to show their support. Unai Bustinza, who joined Lezama in 2002 and made his first team debut in 2011, is currently playing for Leganés along with a few other former ex-Leones and admitted that they have talked about what has been happening at the San Mamés.

“There are several of us here at Leganés that have a special feeling towards Athletic and we have discussed it”, he told reporters. “There is still a lot of season left, but it’s also true that the days are passing by. Beyond the concern that has been generated, there are people who are very committed to that team. They feel it a lot and in the end that is important.”

The 26-year-old went on to say that he is aware that it is hard for a team to overcome a difficult situation like this. At the end of the day, he would be sad to see Athletic relegated, but would rather that happen as opposed to the alternative of the club changing its unique philosophy.

“When things are going badly it is difficult to turn it all around. Let’s see how the players assimilate under Gaizka Garitano, but surely it’s a team that will fight until the end. I am proud of the philosophy that the club has followed for all its years, even if it means spending a year in the second division. I prefer an Athletic in the second division over changing the philosophy. We have seen many teams that have taken a step back and then run forward.”

Bustinza’s thoughts on the importance of Athletic’s philosophy are mirrored by the fans and Socios of the club. Despite whatever may happen on the field and in the standings, the vast majority of Athleticzales have always been outspoken about protecting the club’s identity above all else. With the team firmly planted in the relegation zone it will now be up to new manager Gaizka Garitano to lead the Zurigorri to safety.

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