Iban Fuentes Named Manager Of CD Basconia, Ander Breda Takes Over Juvenil B

Iban Fuentes Ander Breda

Iban Fuentes and Ander Breda (AC)

Eduardo Berizzo’s dismissal has been felt all the way down in Lezama. With Gaizka Garitano taking his place as the manager of Athletic’s first team, the club has had to shuffle things around at the youth level. As expected, CD Basconia coach Aritz Solabarrieta was promoted to Bilbao Athletic late on Tuesday which opened up another hole that needed to be filled.

On Wednesday afternoon Athletic announced that Juvenil B coach Ibai Fuentes will now coach Basconia. He has led the Juvenil B team to a great season thus far, winning nine of 13 games and topping the table with a +18 goal differential. Fuentes is seen as a manager who works well with youth and prioritizes development which is one of the biggest goals for the feeder club. With Fuentes taking control of Basconia, his assistant coach Ander Breda will stay with Juvenil B as the manager.

Due to the upcoming Presidential elections it would have been extremely difficult to hire anyone from the outside, so Athletic turned to their coaches at Lezama. That being said, the club is aware that changing youth coaches in the middle of the season can lead to unpredictable results. Athletic have always prioritized youth development and have looked for ways to minimize the alterations. Four new coaching appointments have been made and no more are expected with every position now filled following Berizzo’s exit.

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