Aritz Solabarrieta Named Manager Of Bilbao Athletic

Aritz Solabarrieta

Aritz Solabarrieta is the new manager of Bilbao Athletic (AC)

When Eduardo Berizzo was relieved of his duties early on Tuesday it only made sense that Bilbao Athletic manager Gaizka Garitano would take his place. Garitano has done great things with the reserve team since taking over last season and has experience coaching the Primera. Fans have expressed exitement about the coaching change, but Garitano’s promotion left a hole that needed to be filled.

As expected, Aritz Solabarrieta has been named as the new manager of Bilbao Athletic with the announcement coming late Wednesday evening. Solabarrieta led Athletic’s Juvenil A team to one of the best seasons in history last year and was promoted to manager of CD Basconia over the summer. He’s done well with the feeder club and making the move up to coach Bilbao Athletic was the natural next step given the circumstances.

Athletic have yet to announce who will coach Basconia, but the most likely scenario is that the club will promote somebody within Lezama. With Presidential elections just weeks away it is highly unlikely that Josu Urrutia would sign anyone from the outside. Despite the lack of experience at this level, Aritz Solabarrieta is an exciting and talented young coach who has earned the chance to manage Bilbao Athletic in the absence of Gaizka Garitano.

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