Aitor Elizegi “I See Division At Athletic And I Am Worried”

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi spoke live from Bascook on Monday afternoon (AS)

Athletic Club Presidential candidate Aitor Elizegi has not opened an electoral office like his opponent Alberto Uribe-Echevarría. Instead he has called one Socios to submit their signatures of support at one of his restaurants in the area and he seeks to meet with members on a more simple level. On Monday he spoke live at Bascook, making it clear the he is worried about the division at Athletic.

“I am accompanied by 15 people who are all much better than me. I am something because my team believes in me. We are not succeeding in transmitting the message because there are beginning to be people in the world who are ceasing to admire us because we are divided. We have to remain different and true to our values. I am passionate about Athletic. I want to talk with the 40,000 Socios about my project because I see division at Athletic and I am worried. I do not see happy fans, but sad and worried ones which worries me.”

Elizegi’s goal is for Athletic to make the fans and the Basque people happy and to bring joy. He believes that the campaigns will be run well because he has a lot of respect for Alberto Uribe-Echevarría and hopes that whoever is voted in as President gets the support that is needed to do a good job.

“I want an Athletic that makes us, the Basques and the people who loves sports with values, happy. I hope that there are two good projects that enrich the club with a free debate without winners and losers. I hope a safe and supported President emerges from here because this is one of the most complicated moments in the history of the club. I would not think about disrespecting anyone. The other candidate is a gentleman and have many other great people surrounding him. We are two good groups with the same goal face to face. ”

At the moment Elizegi is still working to collect the nearly 3,000 signatures needed to formalize his candidacy by the 7 December deadline. He spoke with passion about his love for Athletic and how he believes the elections and debates are a healthy thing for the club.

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi is concerned about the division at Athletic Club

“It’s not easy to get all of the signatures, we’ll see if we’re candidates. We are working about 20 hours per day and this is a precedent that has never been accomplished. I am passionate about elections. The process and the debate is healthy for the whole club and it is a good time for it as well. My wife asks me why I am getting into this if I suffer so much with Athletic. I told her it’s because we want a club that makes us happy. Before taking this step I spoke with all the former Presidents except for two and I hope to speak with them soon. Everyone who has every wanted to present themselves at some point wanted to help the club.”

Elizegi did not take any questions, but spoke for nearly 50 minutes with passion and vigor. He stated that he wants Socios to have more say in what is happening at the club and that, as President, he would be a a representative of the people. Elizegi revealed that he plans to have six different committees focused on specific aspects of the club, which would allow more Socio involvement and voices, and gave the names of those that have joined his team.

Jon Ander de las Fuentes would lead a committee focused on the economics, Mikel Martínez would lead the institutional committee, Ricardo Hernani would lead the sporting committee, Itziar Villamandos would lead the communications committee, and Elizegi himself would oversee the social committee because he sees it as the most important one. He also has plans for an innovation committee although he has not decided who would lead it.

Aitor Elizegi will be speaking again on the radio immediately following Athletic Club’s La Liga match against Levante on Monday night.

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