Eduardo Berizzo “We Have To Make The Ball Ours And Win”

Eduardo Berizzo

Eduardo Berizzo doesn’t believe in luck or fortune (AC)

Athletic have built confidence after defeating Huesca 4-0 at the San Mamés on Wednesday. Now they will travel to take on Levante as they look to start climbing out of the relegation zone. In Sunday’s pregame press conference Eduardo Berizzo stated that the concern has been lifted and highlighted areas that the Basques will have to succeed in if they are to win on Monday.

“The Copa victory has filled us with confidence. Concern has been liberated and it influences the conviction that you can do things well. Sometimes defeats fill you with insecurity. I put little thought into luck. We have not been able to manage the outcome in many games for different reasons. It all has to do with feeling comfortable and confident. Against Levante it’s necessary to attack with order, use the ball well in the center of the field, and to not lose possession since they are fast with their defensive transitions into attack. We have to make the ball ours.”

When discussing the team for Monday’s game, Berizzo admitted that he used three center-backs in training and could do the same against Levante. He continued to drive home the goal of controlling the midfield and praised the pairing of Beñat and Mikel San José. He also revealed that Raúl García has been cleared to play which could be a huge boost for the Lions.

“We have tried an option to play with three center-backs. We have to control the match and for that to happen the middle of the field is essential. Beñat and San José are playing at a good level. The center of the field is important to us. We have been looking for different variants and the continuity of having the same players gives us some solvency. Raúl García is able to play tomorrow. It was just a scare and he’s recovered well. Aduriz is doing well and was so even before his goals. He feels good and is confident. It means a lot having his presence in the box.”

Monday’s game could be the most important match of the season so far. A win would go a long way in helping the Zurigorri escape from the relegation zone and could turn out to be the turning point of the year if they can build on the victory against Huesca. Berizzo will be under the microscope at the Ciutat de Valencia and Athletic fans are hoping that the team will make a statement against Levante.

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