Alberto Uribe-Echevarría Announces His Board Of Directors And The Opening Of His Electoral Office

Uribe Echevarria

Uribe-Echevarría’s team includes several former Board members (AC)

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría has been hard at work since announcing his candidacy for Athletic Club President on Thursday evening. Over the past few days he’s continued to put together his Board of Directors while also collecting the necessary signatures to formalize his candidacy by the 7 December deadline. Now he has taken another step forward in his race for Ibaigane.

The Presidential candidate Alberto Uribe-Echevarría announced that he will be opening his electoral office, where his team will work and accept signatures, on Monday at 1:00pm where he will speak for the first time. The former Accountant also shared his Board of Directors and ways that Socios and fans can contact his campaign throughout the election process.

Uribe-Echevarría has announced that his team will consist of the following members: Iñaki Ahedo, Javier Aldazabal, Ramón Alkorta, Genar Andrinua, Mario Fernández Jr., Elaia Gangoiti, Izaskun Larrieta, Borja López, Laura Martínez, Silvia Muriel, Javier Olabarri, and Ignacio Palacios-Huerta.

As expected, many who served alongside Uribe-Echevarría under former President Josu Urrutia have joined the administration. Former secretary Javier Aldazabal will serve in a top role while sources say that Genar Andrinua, a former Athletic player, will be the Sporting Consultant. Silvia Muriel would theoretically continue working with communications.

When Uribe-Echevarría announced his candidacy he made it clear that he would also be adding people to his team from outside the previous Board and Mario Fernández Jr. is the biggest name at the moment. The son of the former President of Kutxabank was rumored to be interested in running for President over the last few months but never stepped forward. He will likely serve in a major role as well.

Alberto Uribe Echevarria

Athletic have reached fantastic financial stability under Uribe-Echevarría (AC)

Javier Olabarri Fernández de Villaran and Iñaki Ahedo have also joined the team. Fernández de Villaran made his name as a financial advisor at Deloitte, the Basque auditing company where Uribe-Echevarría served as Director before retiring two years ago. He joined Basque steel company Sidenor in April where he served in the area of Corporate Development. Iñaki Ahedo has worked for many years in radio and television.

In the meantime, fellow Presidential candidate Aitor Elizegi is also working to finalize his team which will be announced as soon as it is complete. He has launched a campaign account on several social media sites and recently announced numerous locations where Socios can pick up official forms and deliver their signatures.

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría’s press release was full of important information for those who are eligible to vote and reads as follows:

“Many and many have asked us why we decided to take the step in this electoral process and stay in it. Surely, the word that we have been hearing the most these latest few days has been that of responsibility and, yes, that has helped us to make the decision. To feel responsible for Athletic, but also the emotion we maintain for the club and its future.

I do not know if it is good to say it about oneself, but I believe with sincerity that we have been tremendously careful and professional in the management of the club, without renouncing the Athleticzale feeling that I know we share. We want a solvent club in the economic aspect, of course, and we want a competitive club, of course. But, first of all, I think we need to build trust. We have all the hope in the world and the conviction that if we add illusions we will be stronger.

Over the next few days we will be giving more details about our project. For now we can be contacted at:

By phone 688 726 553

to answer technical questions that we will answer during this time. We will enable some other way of communication, which we will soon announce to you.

Also, we will have a place to pick up the official forms and to deliver them once they are filled out if our project is also yours. It will open tomorrow, Monday and will remain open until the end of the week. The hours will be from 10:00am until 10:00pm and you can stop by when it is best for you. It is located at Colón de Larreátegui 21. The people who make up the team are:

Alberto Uribe-Echevarria Abascal
Iñaki Ahedo Apraiz
Javier Aldazabal Etxebarria
Ramón Alkorta Aranguren
Genar Andrinua Kortabarria
Mario Fernández Elejalde
Elaia Gangoiti Agirre
Izaskun Larrieta Rubin de Celis
Borja López Rodríguez
Laura Martínez Robledo
Silvia Muriel Gómez
Javier Olabarri Fernandez de Villaran
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta

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