Aitor Elizegi Moves To Collect Final Signatures From Socios

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi is almost finished collecting signatures from Athletic Socios (EC)

Now that the candidates have stepped forward for Athletic Club’s Presidential elections, Aitor Elizegi and Alberto Uribe-Echevarría must collect signatures from at least 5% of Socios who are eligible to vote, which is roughly 2,000 signatures. On Sunday they both made public statements telling supporters where they can come to pick up the forms and drop them off with the deadline to collect the signatures being 7 December.

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría has opened one electoral office and has launched a Facebook account for his campaign. Meanwhile, Aitor Elizegi has taken a different approach. The famous chef and businessman has launched accounts on several different social media sites and announced that signature forms can be acquired and turned in at six different restaurants in the area.

According to reports, Elizegi doesn’t have many signatures left to collect. He has been working behind the scenes for months to put his team and project together and it seems to be paying off. He’s received a lot of support from Socios who want to see a change from the previous leadership and has prioritized the voice of the fans, as evidenced by his announcement.

Collecting the signatures is absolutely necessary for candidacy to be formalized on 8 December. If enough signatures are collected the candidates will be officially presented on 12 December and voting will take place on the scheduled date of 27 December. If a candidate is unable to collect enough signatures, or decides to withdraw, the remaining candidate would be sworn in as President on 13 December without the need for voting.

Aitor Elizegi’s statement reads as follows:

Collecting 3,000 signatures from Socios in 7 days alone, friend to friend, Socio to Socio, is very difficult. No candidate has done so in the modern history of the Athletic elections.

We want to be  plural and independent proposal and we want you to know our project. Above football we love Athletic and its philosophy. And, above all, the idea is to show respect to each Socio.

Our hope is to listen and share projects that enrich the vision of our club. We would like to have the commitment of your support to consolidate this candidacy.

We have formed a plural group of professionals/friends that have combined sensibilities. A group with a lot of desire to share our project with Socio to Socio, because it’s very important to listen to your opinions.

We are at your disposal from today, actively listening with personal contact and dialogue with you that will never have an expiration date. That is the basis of our project and the future of Athletic. Sign the form to show your support and confidence in introducing us and our project.

I will be there to thank you personally at the foot of the pier, at work as always, in Txocook or Basquery.

Aitor Elizegi

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