Aitor Elizegi Officially Announces His Candidacy For Athletic Club President

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi has announced his candidacy for Athletic Club President (Berria)

Aitor Elizegi will run for Athletic Club President. The famous Chef and Businessman officially announced his candidacy on Friday afternoon in what was a surprising move after announcing 24 hours earlier that he would not step forward due to all the needed conditions not being in place. It has been a rollercoaster of a week but Elizegi will run in the December elections.

Elizegi had been preparing for months with his group of supporters in hopes of stepping forward during the elections and spent all of last week weighing up the option of running. On Monday he visited the La Liga offices in Madrid to find out more details about the process and on Tuesday it was reported that he was going to announce his candidacy two days later. However, on Wednesday he announced that he would not be running.

At the time it looked as though there would be no candidates for the elections, then someone stepped forward. Former Accountant Alberto Uribe-Echevarría officially announced his candidacy on Thursday evening and the initial belief was that he was going to be running unopposed. Less than 12 hours later Elizegi announced that he had changed his mind.

In his official announcement Elizegi said that all the necessary conditions have been met and that he’s made the decision to run after receiving so much support from other Socios over the last 24 hours. He is excited and confident in his team and will be presenting his group and ideas in the coming days. With Elizegi and Uribe-Echevarría both stepping forward there will be an Athletic Club Presidential election on 27 December.

Aitor Elizegi’s official announcement reads as follows:

“Dear Socios of Athletic Club,

Through this communication, I convey my intention to present myself as a candidate for the Athletic Club elections. I do it with the firm conviction of being backed by a solvent team with my entire confidence that, with great pleasure, I will present to you in the coming days

I always said that it was vital for me that people asked me to step up and that’s how it was. In these last 24 hours, all the necessary conditions have been met to present my candidacy.

Our team has maximum enthusiasm and commitment to return Athletic Club to the place that, in our opinion, it should be. In this we will put all our effort, both during the electoral process and from the club itself, if the Socios decide so.


Aitor Elizegi Alberdi

Bai, Athletic!

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