The Basque Football Federation Will Vote On 12 December To Request International Recognition From FIFA And UEFA


The Basque Football Federation could pursue international recognition (MD)

It’s always a special occasion when the Basque Country National Team, Euskal Selekzioa, gets to play a match. The Basque Football Federation tries to schedule at least one friendly each year, usually around Christmas, so that fans from Euskal Herria can watch their team in action. As of right now they are not recognized by FIFA or UEFA, however that could change in the future.

The Basque Football Federation (Euskadiko Futbol Federakundea) has announced that they will be holding their annual assembly on 12 December and will be voting on whether or not to request to be recognized by FIFA and UEFA and join the international federation. This topic has already been shared with all the members which are the clubs, players, coaches, and other groups that make up the EFF.

Last year the topic was already on the table but there was a request for more information so voting did not take place. Since then information meetings have been held and the EFF directors have added it to the program for December’s assembly. If the vote is in favor for the request there will be a specific process to follow to receive recognition.

First, the EFF will notify the Spanish Federation of their desire to participate in international competitions. The Spanish Federation must endorse the request for it to continue to FIFA and UEFA, which would be the next step towards being accepted and recognized on an international level. If Spain refuses, the EFF have stated that the issue could be disputed in international sports courts.

With others such as Scotland competing in international tournaments independently of England, there are many who would like to see the Basque Country do the same. If there is a vote in favor, and the request is accepted through every channel, Euskal Selekzioa could one day be playing in international competitions. The important thing to note is that there must first be a vote in favor of pursuing this process and that vote will take place on 12 December.

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