Aitor Elizegi Ultimately Decides Not To Run For Athletic Club President

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi will not run for Athletic Club President (MD)

The stage was set. With no one from Athletic’s former Board of Directors stepping forward as a candidate for the club’s Presidential elections, all eyes turned to Aitor Elizegi. The famous chef and businessman had long dreamed about becoming President and the moment looked perfect. It was reported on Tuesday that he had made the decision to present himself as a candidate, then things changed.

According to a report from El Correo, and several other sources, Elizegi has ultimately decided that he will not run in the December elections. The decision comes on day before he was planning on publicly announcing his candidacy.

The reason for Elizegi’s decision is not entirely clear at the moment. He did visit the La Liga offices in Madrid earlier this week to discuss the process and find out exactly how much he would have to pay to Athletic if voted in as President, a sum of just under €20 million. Elizegi also took some time to review Athletic’s accounts and financial status. Sources say that this resulted in him being “discouraged from taking the step” while others claim that it was just impossible for him to pay the fee that would have been necessary.

Regardless of the reasoning, Elizegi will not step forward in the December elections which now leaves Athletic without a single Presidential candidate with less than one month until the voting is scheduled to take place. Potential candidates are now able to submit their applications as of today and the time period for doing so will end on 7 December. All candidates would be presented on 12 December. If there are no candidates the elections are expected to be postponed until the summer and the Management Committee, led by Josu Urrutia, would remain in control until then.

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