Aitor Elizegi Posts Letter Explaining Why He Has Decided Not To Run For Athletic Club President

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi will not run for Athletic Club President (AS)

Aitor Elizegi was planning to announce on Thursday that he would run for Athletic Club President. It looked like the perfect time as he would likely be running unopposed, but after visiting the La Liga offices and examining the accounts of the club his mind was changed. On Wednesday it was reported that he had made the decision to withdraw his candidacy.

There was immediate speculation as to why his decision was changed. Since then the famous chef has posted a public letter on his blog explaining his reasoning. His statements are vague, but it is clear that he does not believe that he would not have been able to carry out his plans with the current state of the club. Athletic’s €80 million wage bill despite not playing in Europe the last two years would essentially tie his hands, and the team’s struggles in La Liga this season certainly makes things even worse.

In Elizegi’s eyes, it appears as though he would have no room to maneuver and put his own plans into action. Many believed that one reason for withdrawing was due to the fact that he would have to pay nearly €20 million if voted in as President, but his statements allude to the fact that the fee was not an issue thanks to his partners. Elizegi has been working for months to put together his group and present himself as a candidate but, in the end, he will not run. His letter is as follows:

“I will continue to support Athletic as one more fan.

After several months of work and in-depth study of the feasibility of the project we wanted to carry out, finally, I decided together with my group not to present my candidacy for the presidency of Athletic Club.

We believe that the regulatory framework that emanates from the current Sporting Law prevents us from presenting a solid project and solvent candidacy that is up to the standard of this club.

From the responsibility and reflection, from the sincerity and honest that shows our love towards the club, we see that the necessary circumstances d not exist to face a mission that doesn’t require doubts, but certainties.

We want to convey a message of unity and tranquility. We show our availability and support to all the fans and to the candidacies that are presented in the elections, we extend our hands. Likewise, we want to convey our gratitude to all the people of this club, for their work and dedication.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the fans for all the support and affection they have shown. Your dream and feelings have shown us that Athletic has a great future.

Last, but not least, I recognize all those who have been watching over the the past few months and dreaming of this project. A generous, authentic, professional team with a lot of courage. They have shown em that Athletic is still alive in the hearts and minds of brilliant people.

I cannot forget my most affectionate and close tribute to the families of each one of my companions and especially to my own, for having trusted and believed that Athletic was worth it.

Eskerrik asko bihotzez danori.

We urge each and every one of the social, sports, and institutional sensibilities so that together we can, because we must, continue to build the future of our Athletic.

We will continue to support our club as amateurs and fans, as always. Aupa Athletic, beti zurekin!”

Aitor Elizegi

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