Aitor Elizegi Will Run For Athletic Club President

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi could be running unopposed in the December elections (Berria)

The plan from Athletic Club’s former Board of Directors to present a continuist candidate in the December Presidential elections looks bleak. After seeing Javier Aldazabal, Genar Andrinua, and José Ángel Corres all reject the proposal they are now working to find someone else to put forward. In the meantime, Aitor Elizegi has been weighing up the option of running and has now made a decision.

Aitor Elizegi will run for Athletic Club President in the December elections. He recently published a letter showing his passion for Athletic which seemed to hint at the fact that he would be running. The decision to run was reported on Tuesday by Alberto Santacruz and confirmed by several media outlets. An official announcement from Elizegi is expected very soon. Wednesday, 28 November will be the first day that candidates can submit their applications to run and, as of right now, Elizegi is the only candidate stepping forward.

The famous Chef and businessman is a well-known Socio and has always been a major part of the community. He has long been open about his desire to one day be the President of Athletic and has had plenty of support from other fans who have been pushing him to run. He has spent the last few weeks discussing the possibility of running with his group which has led him to this decision.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if any candidate from outside the former Board of Directors wins the Presidency they would have to supply roughly €19 million to the club. This has long been considered an issue for Elizegi but reports claims that he has enough support that the payment won’t be an issue.

Potential candidates will have until 7 December to submit their applications and an official announcement presenting all of the candidates will take place on 12 December. If Aitor Elizegi is the only candidate that steps forward he would become President on that day instead of waiting until 27 December which is when the elections are scheduled to take place.

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