Raúl García Avoids Major Knee Injury, Diagnosed With Hoffitis

Raul Garcia

Raúl García receives medical attention on the Athletic bench (AS)

When Raúl García left the game injured against Getafe on Sunday there was immediate concern. The midfielder was in extreme pain while grabbing his left knee and Athletic’s medical team rush out onto the field and perform what looked to be an ACL test. He was helped to the sidelines, albeit walking on his own power, but was clearly in a lot of pain and discomfort.

After the game Athletic announced that he had been diagnosed with a left knee sprain which meant that ligament damage had occurred. Naturally, there was worry that the 32-year-old had suffered a very serious injury. Thankfully, it seems as though he has avoided the worst possibilities.

Further tests were conducted on Monday and Athletic finally provided a medical update stating that García was suffering from Hoffitis. To explain the issue simply, there is a pad of fatty tissue behind the patellar tendon which protects the kneecap called the Hoffa’s Pad. Hoffitis is the chronic inflammation of this tissue which can be caused by a blow, hyperextension, trauma, or the tibia and fibula pinching it.

The good news is that the tests didn’t reveal any major ligament damage, however Hoffitis can be very painful and can take time to fully heal. Tennis star Rafa Nadal suffered the same issue back in 2012 and missed several months. Raúl García’s time of recovery will be dictated by the severity of the injury and how well his body responds to the treatments. He has already begun the recovery process which, at this stage, is focused on reducing the inflammation. This injury has caused some players to miss up to two months or more, but the club is hopeful that the midfielder will only be out for around three weeks.

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