Eduardo Berizzo “I Will Be Faithful To My Style Of Play”

Eduardo Berizzo

Despite the poor results, Berizzo is faithful to his style of football (AC)

Eduardo Berizzo has set a new club record at Athletic, but it’s not one that he will be proud of. Sunday’s 1-1 draw against Getafe saw the Lions move to 12 straight La Liga matches without a win, the worst stretch in history, and they will end the weekend in the relegation zone. After the game he told reporters that he thought his team played well, but became unorganized after taking a 1-0 lead in the second half.

“I think you have to analyze the game. The first half was good, but we fell into disorder in the second half when we went ahead. I think the team played well and were intelligent. We came out in the second half less tense than in the first, but after we scored we became disorganized. Those final minutes are the ones we need to review. I would like to focus on doing a better job of managing a 1-0 lead.”

The coach went on to admit that the team struggled in the final 15 of the game which is what allowed Getafe to find the equalizer. He blamed two injuries that forced him to make specific substitutions, but felt that the fans were supportive throughout the entire 90 minutes.

“In the second half we messed up and got disorganized and left spaces in the middle fo the field. We took the lead, which is the most difficult thing to do against Getafe, but we did not hold it. We must reinforce what we did well. We suffered injuries that prevented us from making reinforcing substitutes in the team. The intent behind bringing on Peru was to protect the aerial game and he was able to score a goal. I felt that the fans were driving us and they were surprised that the win escaped us.”

Iker Muniain

Berizzo wants to reinforce the things that Athletic are doing well (LaLiga)

When asked about the thought of changing the style of play, Berizzo vehemently stated that he believes in what he does and the type of football he coaches. He isn’t convinced that changing anything will lead to better results and wants to focus on improving what the team does well.

“I believe in what I do. You have to review and correct what you do wrong, but I will be faithful to my style of play. Football ends up rewarding you. One must bet on playing his own way, and the way he knows. I’m not sure we will win if we play any other way. It’s important to be consistent with my way of training and playing football. I’m not convinced that if we play another way that we can win. Having possession means that you have to use the ball wisely.”

Admittedly, going so many matches without a victory can lead to mental issues and insecurity. Berizzo believes that may be the reason why the team fell apart in the final 15 minutes of the game and allowed Getafe to draw level.

“Your confidence is affected after not winning several games. You feel unstable and that leads you to do things wrong.vConfidence is strengthened in practice, the goal must be used as reinforcement of that morality and that hasn’t happened. Having gone so many games without a win can lead to insecurity. Maybe that’s what happened at 1-0 that caused us to be unorganized.”

Toto blamed the poor final minutes on Athletic’s disorganization and not on Getafe playing better football. He thinks that the Lions made mistakes which led to the tying goal and wants to see his team respond in Wednesday’s Copa del Rey match against Huesca.

Mikel Balenziaga

Balenziaga and Raúl García were injured in the second half which forced Berizzo’s hand (LaLiga)

“The result today was more because of our disorganization than our opponent. It is necessary to reflect on the team and the advantage. We almost have to be thankful for the 1-1 draw. I want the team to react well and put in a solid and well-rounded performance. On Wednesday we have another opportunity to do that if we play well.”

In closing, Berillo stated that he feels as though his job is secure and he’s confident in the squad he is coaching. He wants to start winning games, but not in just any way.

“I feel safe where I work and confident with the people I work with. They have given me confidence and the games you don’t win are tests, not limits. Winning doesn’t explain everything. I am the first one who wants to win, but I want to win in my own way, not in just any way.”

Athletic Club will have to put their La Liga struggles behind them on Wednesday as they welcome Huesca to the San Mamés in the first leg of the Copa del Rey. Berizzo will have to rotate the lineup on some level and it will be interesting to see if the Basques will be able to get a good result and start to build some confidence moving forward.

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