Aitor Elizegi Posts Letter Showing His Passion For Athletic, But Doesn’t Reveal If He Will Run In The Presidential Elections

Aitor Elizegi

This could be the perfect opportunity for Aitor Elizegi to become President (Berria)

Athletic Club’s Presidential elections are shrouded in uncertainty at the moment. Potential candidates such as José Antonio Jainaga, Mario Fernández, Javier Aldazabal, and José Ángel Corres have all turned down the offer to run, which has put local chef and businessman Aitor Elizegi in the spotlight.

Elizegi is a famous Socio who is well-known in Bilbao and has always been open about the fact that he would like to become the President one day. With no one else stepping forward to run in the elections it may be perfect opportunity for him. He has had a large following of other fans who have urged him to present himself as a candidate and his group have been considering the option over the past two weeks.

Sources say that Elizegi will make a decision on whether or not he will run within the next few days, and is waiting to see if anyone from Josu Urrutia’s former board will step forward. On Saturday Elizegi published a letter on his official website showing his passion for Athletic, but not revealing if he will step forward as a Presidential candidate. The letter is as follows:

“I have said it publicly: For me it would be a pride to be able to help the Club that my family taught me to respect and that I, in turn, to try to teach mine to respect.
After my family, Athletic is my heart, my life, and my dream.
First of all, my respect for this institution – which belongs to many people and sensibilities – is paramount.
First, I respect the Socios, the owners of the entity.
Secondly, I respect each and every one of the fans who love this collective dream in our village, in Euskal Herria, in each and everyone one of the Peñas and corners where the Zurigorri feeling lives; and, of course, this extends to every fan on the planet who believes in our football project born from the heart.
A team of top level professionals has been encouraging me and accompanying me for a year now to defend a Club project in which, I think, many of us continue to believe.
Respect, values, knowing how to be and competing head on.
We have a project that brings our work closer to society and with the doors wide open 24 hours a day so that each member of our Club and athlete who believes in sports with values feels our hand and our willingness to listen and collaborate.
We will be attached to the agenda and commitments of Bilbao and Bizkaia whenever they need us. They are our origin.
We are going to try it with all our strength and heart.
From the passion, from the conviction.
Always, applying some parameters of professionalism and criteria that we are committed to that are non-negotiable.
Athletic Club is its Socios and its fans.
Out of respect for these people, we will only step forward to offer a project supported by the same values and criteria that we demand of ourselves.
What we expect from our Club when the players are on the grass, we also apply to ourselves.
For the future of Athletic does not need a single project or person. We need each and every one of the steps and people who have managed to bring our hymn, our philosophy, and our Club to where it is today.
There is only one way.
Before finishing these words, we want to say loud and clear that only the match on SUNDAY matters. Nothing else.
Right now, and you know many of you who are reading these words, want to end this stage, these sleepless nights, and desire to see Athletic Club and its Socios restored with pride, with their heads held high and looking to the future head on.
Eskerrik Asko to every fan, partner, and friend that have encouraged me to write these words over the past few days.
Just being on this keyboard, I feel honored.
Aitor Elizegi, bazkide bat, boto bat”

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