José Ángel Corres’s Decision Not To Run For President Leaves Athletic Club’s Elections Drowning In Uncertainty

Josu Urrutia Jose Angel Corres

Josu Urrutia and José Ángel Corres (RTVE)

It feels like an eternity has passed since Josu Urrutia announced that he would not be running for a third consecutive term and Athletic’s Board of Directors stepped down in preparation of the December elections. Surprisingly, it’s only been two weeks. A lot has happened in that time and the twists and turns just keep coming.

The former Board has always planned on presenting a candidate who would be a continuation of Urrutia, but it hasn’t been easy. Javier Aldazabal was the first choice although he chose to decline the offer. Genar Andrinua was approached next and had the same response. Then all of the attention turned to former Vice President José Ángel Corres.

At first Corres was hesitant to step forward before finally accepting. When the Board of Directors stepped down and formed the Management Committee he was not a part of it, nor was former Treasurer Alberto Uribe-Echevarría who was expected to be given a prominent position in his potential board. Reports began to say that Corres would become the next President of Athletic as he would be running unopposed and then things changed.

According to a new report from Igor Barcia of El Correo, Corres has made the decision to not run in the elections due to “personal reasons”. It is believed that, after reflecting on the idea of running, he was discouraged by the fact that he did not have the full backing of the former board members who originally wanted Aldazabal or Andrinua to be presented as the candidate.

This decision leaves Athletic’s upcoming elections in a major state of uncertainty. If no candidates step forward the voting on 27 December will not take place and the current Management Committee would remain in control until the summer when elections would be rescheduled. Hopefully, that will not be the case.

Aitor Elizegi

This could be the perfect opportunity for Aitor Elizegi (Berria)

Despite the setbacks, the former board still plan on presenting a candidate for the elections. Alberto Uribe-Echevarría was originally thought to be a potential candidate and may be the person they turn to next. Silvia Muriel is also believed to be a possible choice, while they could try once again to convince Javier Aldazabal. At this point the former board is essentially starting over.

In the meantime, Aitor Elizegi is still weighing up the option of running. The famous chef and Athletic Socio has never been shy about the fact that he would like to be the club President one day and has a strong backing from a group of fans. Sources say that he will make a decision next week and, without any other candidates at the moment, it could be the perfect opportunity for him to step forward. The big issue is that if any candidate outside the current board wins the Presidency they will have to provide the club with just under €20 million which would be difficult for Elizegi.

José Antonio Jainaga, who announced that he would step forward as a candidate several months ago, has since made the decision that he will not run. Mario Fernández has also made the same choice. For now Elizegi and someone from the former board appear to be the most likely candidates, but it’s very possible that no one will step forward and the elections will have to be postponed. If these last two weeks have taught us anything, it’s that things can change in a moment’s notice, but right now the upcoming Presidential elections are drowning in uncertainty.

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