“Athletic Indartu” Plans To Present A Female Candidate In The Club’s December Elections

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Athletic Indartu plan to present a Female candidate in the Presidential elections (Sky)

There is an abundance of uncertainty surrounding Athletic Club’s Presidential elections which are scheduled to take place on 27 December. The former Board of Directors are still trying to find a candidate to present, while no one from outside the club has stepped forward either. However, there is a group that are in the process of putting a plan together.

According to a report from Diario Gara, there is a group calling themselves “Athletic Indartu” that are planning to present a candidate in the elections. Reporters from Euskal Telebista reached out to the group looking for more details and were told that they expect to support someone from Josu Urrutia’s former Board of Directors. The group’s intention is to present a female candidate.

If the group is truly looking to support a female candidate from Urrutia’s former board they have several names to consider such as Yolanda Lázaro, Izaskun Larrieta, Laura Martínez, Elaia Gangoiti, and most notably Silvia Muriel.

If a female candidate were to become the President of Athletic Club it wouldn’t be the first time. Following the resignation of Fernando Lamikiz in 2006, board member Ana Urkijo was voted in as the new President, becoming the first female to do so for Athletic and only the second in the history of La Liga. She chose not to run for re-election in 2007 when Fernando García Macua was voted in on 12 February.

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