Athletic Club Legends Are Optimistic That The Team Will Turn Things Around Against Getafe

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There is confidence despite the disappointing results (LaLiga)

It’s no secret that it has been a difficult season for Athletic Club. The Lions have not gotten the results that were expected and are currently just outside of the relegation zone in the La Liga table. Despite the disappointing start there is still plenty of optimism and belief. Club legends Julio Salinas, Dani Ruiz-Bazán, and Andoni Goikoetxea all spoke with Jon Zubieta of Mundo Deportivo and said that they are positive things will turn around and believe that it will all start with Sunday’s match against Getafe.

Julio Salinas

“I don’t see a broken team or a team that lacks soul or pride. I see a united team. The other day, for example, when they scored the second goal against Atlético Muniain ran over and hugged Berizzo. The team is united. They transmit energy to me and look eager to right and get out of this situation. It’s clear that the results haven’t come. The last match was a shame because they were going to win.”

The team transmits security. They’ve shown that against Atleti, Barca, Madrid, Betis, and Valencia. I think they will get out of the situation and you have to have confidence. Bad results can generate doubts, but I trust this team. There is one thing that is fundament and that’s the fans. At any other club the nerves would be visible. Fans would whistle and wave handkerchiefs. We know where we are and we have our feet on the ground. The fans will be with the team and I think Athletic will win this weekend’s game 2-0.”

Dani Ruiz-Bazán

“I think that it’s complicated with the trajectory we are having, but I’m hopeful because I believe that Athletic can strike a blow in the table and I think Sunday is the day to do it. There have been times when we have done well and there have been times when there was only one half of quality. That is why I have hope that Athletic can finally play a complete match and that relief will be given to them. They need it.

I’m not going to focus on the opposing team, only the three or four teams directly above. Athletic train to win against any team and have to play the way they know. I think they can beat Getafe or any other team. Of course you have to have a bit of good fortune in the key moments and with that I’m satisfied. At the San Mamés Athletic have to be the team they have always been…feared by all who come here.”

Andoni Goikoetxea

“I see a team with hope, with enthusiasm, and with a desire to start seeing Athletic triumph. They have a desire to get into a calmer position in the table. The matches at San Mamés have been complicated, starting with the first of the season against Leganés. At some points you have to change things. Against Getafe? Getafe are a good team who do things well. They are going to make things difficult for us.

It will be difficult, but it’s important to be positive. I think we are going to keep a clean sheet for once and if we score a goal we will put a couple past them. I will say 2-0 Athletic. Of course, from there the goal is to move up, but everything will be difficult. It would be good for fans to have confidence going into the Christmas season. That is the hope.”

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