José María Amorrortu Discusses The Importance Of Youth Development At FCF Conference

Jose Maria Amorrortu

José María Amorrortu shares Athletic Club’s values of youth development (FCF)

Athletic have never been shy about sharing their success with youth development. The club regularly opens up the Lezama facilities to other teams across Europe and believes that they methods can be implemented anywhere. On Monday, Sporting Director José María Amorrortu spoke at a FCF (Cántabra Football Federation) conference for coaches in Cántabra and where he shared Athletic’s vision for player development.

“We have a training method that can transferred to other places and used by other clubs. The important thing is to believe in that idea. The main objective of the club is the comprehensive training of boys and girls within a learning culture that is focused on improving their performance. For this it is necessary to have an organizational structure that supports this process and is not monolithic but interconnected.”

Amorrortu went on to explain that youth development starts with the trainers. They have to understand their own need to grow every day and be a a role model for the kids that they are coaching. Every decision and detail reflects on the club in some way and the ultimate goal is to have older players sharing life and experiences with the younger players.

“It is necessary to have humility and to know that you have to keep learning every day. Ourselves before the kids. Without vocation there is nothing. Being a trainer means being a reference for the kids. In every decision we make we are representing the club as an entity. That’s why social responsibility is one of the foundations of our project. Athletic is the transition between a child just starting and a young man who is at the elite level. Ideally, the older players will live and share life with the younger ones.”

José María Amorrortu has served as the Sporting Director at Athletic Club since 2011 and will be leaving his post in June when his contract expires. The former player and coach has headed up several projects that expanded the Lezama facilities as well as adding new youth teams for girls. Athletic’s focus has always been set on genuine youth develop and the club continues to be on the forefront of innovation and success in this field.

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