Athletic Club Officially Announce Presidential Elections Set For 27 December

Josu Urrutia

Former Athletic Club President Josu Urrutia (AC)

It has been nearly two weeks since Josu Urrutia announced that he would not be running for a third consecutive term as President of Athletic Club and during that press conference he revealed that the elections would take place on 27 December. Since then a lot has happened. The entire board resigned in preparation for the upcoming electoral process and former Vice President José Ángel Corres has emerged as the favorite to become the club’s new President.

Despite Urrutia’s announcement there is still an official process that must be upheld. Article 73 of Athletic’s bylaws states that Presidential elections must be officially announced on the club’s bulletin board and published in two Bizkaian newspaper. After this is done the actual voting will take place exactly 40 days later and there are other deadlines that have to be followed as well.

As expected, Athletic formally announced the Presidential elections on Saturday making 27 December the official voting date in line with the 40 day process. Candidates will be allowed to submit their applications starting on 28 November with 7 December being the last day that they will be accepted. Candidates and their boards will then be presented on 12 December.

Voting will take place at Ibaigane starting at 9:00am on 27 December and will continue without interruption until 9:00pm. After the polls close the votes will be counted and the new President will be officially announced. The entire Presidential election timeline is explained here: Understanding The Athletic Club Presidential Election Timeline

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