Understanding The Athletic Club Presidential Election Timeline


Ibaigane is the official headquarters for Athletic Club’s board of directors (MD)

When it comes to football club Presidential elections there is much more to the process than meets the eye. In the case of Athletic Club there are certain statutes that have to be followed and deadlines that must be met. On Thursday evening it was announced that the board of directors had resigned from their positions and a management committee was established to lead the club until the elections take place on 27 December.

Former President Josu Urrutia was named as a member of the management committee, as was former Secretary Javier Aldazabal who decided against running in the elections despite being pressured to do so. However, former Vice President José Ángel Corres and former Accountant Alberto Uribe-Echevarría were left out of the management committee, freeing them up to step forward as Presidential candidates. They could either run separately or as a team, although at this point their intentions haven’t been revealed.

With the elections coming up in less than two months it’s important to understand the timeline of how things will unfold. According to Article 73 of Athletic’s bylaws the electoral convocation must be announced on the Club’s official bulletin board and published in at least two Bizkaian newspapers at a time of their choosing. The voting process follows a 40 day timeline which is as follows:

  • Day 1 – Presidential elections announcement
  • Day 11 – First day for candidates to submit applications
  • Day 20 – Last day for candidates to submit applications
  • Day 25 – All candidates officially presented
  • Day 40 – Presidential voting takes place

If the elections are still to take place on 27 December that means that club will be expected to announce the convocation on Saturday, 17 November. The first day to submit applications would be 28 November and the last day to accept the applications would be 7 December. Candidates would then be presented on 12 December. Socios and fans will now be watching for the announcement of the Presidential voting and eagerly waiting to find out who will be running in the elections.

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