José Ángel Corres Emerges As The Favorite To Become The Next President Of Athletic Club de Bilbao

Jose Angel Corres

Former Vice President José Ángel Corres (Camara Bilbao)

Ever since Josu Urrutia announced that he would not be running for a third consecutive term as President of Athletic Club his board of directors have been working to present a candidate in the December elections. On Thursday the club announced that the entire board had resigned which has given an understanding of what decisions have been made. Some of the board remained on the Management Committee while others, presumably a team that will run in the elections, did not.

Former Secretary Javier Aldazabal was originally the favorite to run as the candidate from Urrutia’s board, but he repeatedly turned down the offer. He stayed with Urrutia on the Management Committee that will oversee the club until the new President is elected. Of course he could still change his mind and resign then step forward as a candidate, but right now that seems very unlikely.

Over the past few days former Vice President José Ángel Corres has emerged as the front runner from Urrutia’s board and was not included in the Management Committee. The 59-year-old is now viewed as the one who will run for President of Athletic Club but has yet to publicly state his intentions. Former Accountant Alberto Uribe-Echevarría has also been seen as a potential candidate but sources say that he has not shown interest in running.

Uribe-Echevarría was also left out of the Management Committee which could mean that he would be an important part of Corres’s board if he were to win the Presidency. Perhaps Uribe-Echevarría would serve the role of Vice President with financial duties or remain as the Accountant. If Corres were to win the Presidency he could be looking to fill his board with some of the others who were not included in the Management Committee, while also looking at outside options.

Josu Urrutia Jose Angel Corres

Josu Urrutia and José Ángel Corres (RTVE)

Speaking of outside options, reports claims that José Antonio Jainaga will not run in the December elections despite announcing his intentions to do so several months ago. The reasoning for his suspected change of plans is unknown at this point. Local famous chef and Athletic Socio, Aitor Elizegi, has also been pressured by some fans to step forward as a candidate but stated that he is “Confident that a consensus directive will come out” of Urrutia’s board.

Sources claim that it may only be a matter of time before José Ángel Corres publicly announces that he will be running for President in December. A things stand right now it appears as though he may be running unopposed unless another candidate decides to step forward soon. If there is only one candidate then there will be no need for voting to take place on 27 December and Corres would theoretically take over as President on that day.

José Ángel Corres has served as the Vice President of Athletic Club under Josu Urrutia since 2011. At the same time he has served as the President of the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce since 2010 and the Vice President of Euskatel since 2015. Corres was born in Bilbao in 1959 and could become the next President of Athletic Club de Bilbao.


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