Josu Urrutia And Athletic Club’s Board Of Directors Resign, Management Group Established

Josu Urrutia

President Josu Urrutia with Secretary Javier Aldazabal (AC)

It’s been over a week since Josu Urrutia announced that he would not run for a third consecutive term as President of Athletic Club. During that press conference he also revealed that the elections would take place on 27 December, giving the next board the opportunity to make any moves they feel are necessary during the January transfer window.

Fans have waited patiently to learn who will step forward as candidates, but so far everything has been quiet. José Antonio Jainaga had already stated his intentions to run several months prior, but has been silent since the announcement of the election date. Likewise, Mario Fernández was believed to be putting together a group to support a candidate, yet he hasn’t said anything publicly.

They could simply be waiting to see who from the current board will step forward as a candidate, but there is now belief that Jainaga and Fernández have both decided not to run. The reasoning is unknown at this point but could have something to do with the fact that the elections will be taking place so quickly or possibly due to the recent struggles of the team. Whoever takes over will be walking into a difficult situation and will be expected to turn things around very quickly.

Over the past few days several reports have come out saying that club Secretary Javier Aldazabal was being pressured to run. Since then, Vice President José Ángel Corres is said to be the front runner to come out of the current board. The story then took another dramatic turn. Sources in Bilbao began reporting that voting will not take place on 27 December as there will only be one candidate. That candidate would theoretically be someone from the current board.

On Thursday evening things took yet another interesting turn. The club announced that, following a meeting earlier that day, the entire board made the decision to resign from their positions. Keeping in compliance with Article 68 of the Social Statues of Athletic Club, a Management Committee was put in charge of the club. Former President Josu Urrutia and former Secretary Javier Aldazabal were the first two people listed as members of the new management group.

The decision for the entire board to step down may seem odd, but it now allows José Ángel Corres and/or Alberto Uribe-Echevarría to begin campaigning for the Presidency as both were not listed among the new management group. In the meantime, Urrutia and Aldazabal will serve on the management committee. It will be interesting to see if any other potential candidates emerge after seeing the board of directors step down.

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