Javier Aldazabal Pressured To Run In Athletic’s Presidential Elections

Javier Aldazabal

All eyes are on Javier Aldazabal as December elections loom large (MD)

In just 45 days voting will take place to determine Athletic Club’s next President. Josu Urrutia has decided not to run for a third consecutive term and everyone is now waiting to see who comes forward as candidates. There is strong belief that someone from the current board will put himself forward and all eyes are fix on Secretary Javier Aldazabal at this point.

Several sources in Bilbao claim that Aldazabal has been pressured to run in the December elections. He has served as the club’s Secretary since Urrutia was voted in as President back in 2011 and has been a Socio since 1994. Aldazabal is the former legal director of the BBK and has the respect of everyone in the current board. Speaking of which, neither Alberto Uribe-Echevarría nor José Ángel Corres have shown signs that they are interested in running for President.

Everyone is waiting on Aldazabal and once a decision is made the dominoes will start to fall. Sidenor President, José Antonio Jainaga, announced his intentions to run in the elections several months ago but has yet to make any public statements since Josu Urrutia announced the date of the elections. He is, presumably, waiting to see who will be his opponent, or has perhaps changed his mind all together. Mario Fernández, who was believed to be putting together a group to support their own candidate, has also been silent.

It’s a waiting game at this point, but with 45 days to go until the elections something will have to happen soon. For now all eyes will remain fixed on Aldazabal who appears to hold all the cards. One thing is certain – Athletic Club will have a new President on 27 December and that person could drastically change the future of the Zurigorri, for better or worse.

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