Rafa Alkorta “Athletic Club’s Philosophy Is Above Cristiano Or Messi”

Rafa Alkorta

Rafa Alkorta says that Athletic’s identity is invaluable (Mepoca)

Athletic legend Rafa Alkorta has been a subject of speculation over the last 24 hours with rumors suggesting that he could be a candidate to become the Club’s next Sporting Director. The 50-year-old was recently a guest on Radio Marca and said that he expected President Josu Urrutia to not run for a third term, but was shocked to see the elections moved up to 27 December.

“I was surprised by the date because a lot of projections had the elections closer to March, but I wasn’t surprised by Urrutia’s decision. Being in office eight years can burn you out and I believed that he wasn’t going to run again.

Alkorta took the time to praise the current board for what they have accomplished since 2011, highlight the success on the field and financial stability that has been created. He hasn’t been happy seeing some stars leave the San Mamés, but understands the situations.

“We must value what the management has done. These years have been very good. Athletic qualified for the Champions League with Valverde, were constantly in Europe, and won the Super Cup. From the economic side, players have been sold and a lot of money has come in. Other things could have been done as well, but financially the club is in a good place.”

When asked about Athletic’s identity and philosophy, Alkorta stated that it is more important than Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. He’s proud to see the club stay true to their values and wants to see an even stronger focus on Lezama.

Rafa Alkorta

Could Rafa Alkorta be a candidate to become Athletic’s next Sporting Director?

“The philosophy of Athletic is above Cristiano or Messi. We should look to Lezama as much as possible. You always need other options when you have players that are older, but of course that isn’t always possible. We have Aduriz who has been Athletic’s best player for years and will turn 38 soon, but then you have Iñaki Williams who needs time so that he can learn to play forward because there aren’t many more options.”

In closing, Alkorta admitted that he is worried about the team right now. Athletic are currently one point clear of the relegation zone and he says that will add more pressure to the players. Still, he’s confident in the squad and believes that Eduardo Berizzo can get things back on track.

“I’m worried because being so far down the table and in those conditions is a task for the players. It brings extra pressure, especially at Athletic, but I think we have a good squad and a coach who is looking for ways to make things right. So far there haven’t been good results and there are problems in attack because we aren’t scoring goals. I think Berizzo has a better team than Kuko Ziganda had. With the new signings and not having to play in Europe I didn’t think the team would be this far down, but football is like that. Sometimes you have to suffer.”

José Antonio Jainaga, President of Sidenor Steel, has already announced that he will run for President of Athletic Club and rumors suggest that he wants Rafa Alkorta to become the Sporting Director. At this time no one has asked Alkorta about the stories and he has yet to publicly address them either.

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