Eduardo Berizzo’s Job Appears To Be Safe Until Presidential Elections In December

Eduardo Berizzo Josu Urrutia

Josu Urrutia is not expected to make a coaching change before elections (AC)

When Eduardo Berizzo was named as the new Athletic Club manager over the summer there was plenty of excitement from fans. The Kuko Ziganda project went terribly and Berizzo brought proven experience and a connection to former coach Marcelo Bielsa. However, things haven’t gone as planned. Athletic currently find themselves one point clear of the relegation zone and some have already started calling for a change at manager.

With each passing game more and more fans have started to question when President Josu Urrutia will make a change, but it doesn’t look likely at this point. On Wednesday Urutia gave a press conference to announce that Presidential elections will take place on 27 December and that he will not be running for a third term. He explained that the decision was made to hold the voting in December so that the new board will have the January transfer window “To make any changes that they deem appropriate”.

At first glance it certainly appears as though Urrutia will allow the next President to decide whether or not to continue with Eduardo Berizzo as the manager. When asked about the current coach Urrutia said, “I’ve been with Berizzo for a short time. I talked to him yesterday. The results have not been good, but I have very good feelings about his work. Berizzo is the best I’ve ever had, as a player or President”. He wasn’t shy about his belief that the Argentine has done good work despite the negative results so far this season.

It should be noted that Urrutia will not just sit idly by until the next President is voted in. He did say that he will be working diligently until 27 December and that he will make difficult decisions if he believes that they are necessary. “If I have to take action or make any decisions before 27 December, I will,”, he stated. “If I have to make decisions for the club, I’ll do it. That’s how I’ve always done things over these years. I’ll do it naturally.”

Josu Urrutia has continually been supportive of Eduardo Berizzo and, unless something changes, the Argentine’s job is likely safe until the new President takes over at the end of December. Regardless of what happens over the next few weeks, Berizzo will definitely be aware that changes could be coming in January.

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  • “Berizzo is the best I’ve ever had”. Is the “dreaded” vote of confidence a thing in Spanish football? If this was the Prem or the Championship, that would be a message for the manager to clear his desk by Monday morning.

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