Athletic Club Goalkeeper Alex Remiro Has Reportedly Agreed To Sign With Real Sociedad

Alex Remiro Training

Alex Remiro will leave Athletic Club this summer (AC)

The Alex Remiro soap opera hasn’t gone away this season and fans have seemed torn as to what their opinion should be on the issue. The 23-year-old goalkeeper was expected to challenge for the starting role when Kepa Arrizabalaga left for Chelsea, but things took a different turn. Remiro refused to negotiate a new contract with his current deal expiring in June and Athletic responded by not even allowing him to be called up for matches this year.

At first it seemed as though Athletic and Remiro could not see eye-to-eye on wages. Rumors suggested that the club were not willing to pay the Lezama product well even though they had plenty of money from Kepa’s release clause, while at the same time there was a belief that Remiro was asking for far too much with him never even having played in the first division. Then things changed when President Josu Urrutia revealed that Remiro told the club that he will not sign a new contract and that he has refused to negotiate or give demands for what it would take for him to renew.

Rumors began to surface suggesting that Alex Remiro had already been in talks with Real Sociedad long before the season began and now it appears as though that is the reason for this entire issue. An exclusive report from Radio Marca Bilbao claims that Remiro and Real Sociedad reached an agreement on a contract several months ago that also contained a clause that would penalize either side if they backed out of the deal.

If the report is true it certainly explains why Remiro has refused to negotiate with Athletic and why the club has treated him in this way. That being said, players on expiring contracts are not allowed to talk to other clubs until the first of January so Athletic could seek legal action if there is proof that the two sides were in contact. At this point it is clear that Alex Remiro will be leaving Athletic when his contract ends in June but what happens next could add even more drama and fuel to the rivalry between these two Basque clubs.

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