Oihan Sancet And Unai Vencedor Named “Furia Y Regularidad” Award Winners For The 2017/2018 Season

Vencedor Urrutia Sancet

Award winners Unai Vencedor and Oihan Sancet (AC)

Every year Peña del Athletic Juvenil gives out the “Furia y Regularidad” awards to two outstanding players from the Juvenil A team at Lezama. A dinner is always held as part of the ceremonies and Athletic President Josu Urrutia attends along with the Peña President, Joseba Nuñez. On Monday night Oihan Sancet and Unai Vencedor were announced as this year’s winners.

Sancet (18) was given the award for regularity, or consistency, while fellow midfielder Vencedor (17) was recognized with the Fury award. The two teenagers were honored for the big roles they played in the Juvenil A team’s historic season last year and were both promoted to Bilbao Athletic over the summer. Sancet actually spent time training with the first team over the summer and is currently recovering from a torn ACL, while Vencedor has been a vitally important player for the reserve team.

Peña del Athletic Juvenil have always done a fantastic job giving recognition to young players coming through Lezama and their awards are very special. Sancet and Vencedor are the newest winners of the “Furia y Regularidad” trophies, joining the likes of previous winners such as Iñaki Williams, Peru Nolaskoain, Iñigo Vicente, Unai Nuñez, Iñigo Córdoba, Unai López, and Asier Villalibre among others.

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