Iñigo Baqué Undergoes Successful Surgery To Repair Torn ACL

Inigo Baque

Iñigo Baqué has undergone surgery to repair his torn ACL (AC)

It’s been exactly one month since Bilbao Athletic midfielder Iñigo Baqué suffered a torn ACL in a match against Gernika. The 21-year-old had been one of the key players in Gaizka Garitano’s team up until the injury and his loss has seen the Katxorros have a dramatic decline in form. Thankfully, the Lezama product is well on his way to recovery.

On Monday, Baqué posted a picture on social media of him in a hospital bed after undergoing a successful surgery to repair his ACL. In the post he said, “Everything went well. One less day until the return” and was all smiles as usual.  Due to the nature of this specific injury the 21-year-old could potentially return before the season ends, but may not be back until the summer. Of course, the most important thing is his health and making a full recovery.

After seeing Baqué and Oihan Sancet both tear their ACLs this season, things have been difficult for Bilbao Athletic. Garitano’s team have only earned one point from their last four matches. Peru Nolaskoain has been called on when not used by the first team, but for the most part Unai Vencedor has had to lead the midfield himself. Sancet and Baqué have shown great promise and the hope is that they will return from their injuries ready to continue their development.

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