Dani García “We Are Calm, It Will All Come Together”

Dani Garcia

Dani García has been Athletic’s midfield general (LaLiga)

Sunday’s Basque Derby against Eibar will be a very special match for midfielder Dani García. The 28-year-old spent six years at Ipurua and was the club Captain before leaving to join Athletic over the summer. He spoke to the media following Wednesday’s training session and said touched on the fact that the Lions have to continue playing daring football, but they also must create more scoring chances to win games.

“Playing daring and bold football will give us more than it will hurt us. With all of our possession we must be forceful and create more chances. We’ve made silly mistakes but we have to be bold. It’s normal at the beginning of the season for things to be more difficult. Everyone likes to play an attacking style of football. You want to win games and get points, but that’s the way everyone wants to play.”

Despite the fact that Athletic have only earned seven points from seven matches, Dani García says that the team is not worried. The players are calm and have been working hard to improve. He says that the daily training will be apparent by the end of the season and that everything will come together.

“There is tranquility in the locker room even though we have fewer points than we deserve. We have played really good teams but haven’t been able to create enough chances. The results aren’t what we want, but the hard work is noticeable. We are training really well and the team’s hard work will be noted at the end of the season. We have not created enough chances based on how much possession we have had. We’re calm, it will all come together.”

Looking ahead to Sunday’s Basque Derby, García made it clear that Athletic can’t allow Eibar to play their style of football. Matches at Ipurua are always difficult and the 28-year-old said that Athletic must stay true to their identity on the field. Of course, he’s been anxious about returning to his former stadium, but right now he’s only thinking about winning.

Dani Garcia

Dani García calls for bold, attacking football from Athletic (AS)

“It’s going to be an intense match. If we play to Eibar’s strengths we will lose. No one is accustomed to playing against Eibar at Ipurua and we have to be prepared. It’s more important than ever that we play our style of football and hopefully we will be able to score more goals. I’ve been more anxious this week. It’s a special game. I have great feelings from my six years at Eibar and I left in a good way. I still have many friends there and I’ve spent weekends and vacations with some of them. But on Sunday the only thing I’m focused on is winning.”

To close the press conference, Dani García was asked about his thoughts on Athletic as a club. He admitted that the team is even better than he though and praised the social environment around the club. He believes that the fans are happy with the style of football that the Lions are playing, but not with the amount of points the team has been able to earn to this point.

“From a sporting aspect the team is even better than I expected. Socially, everything is bigger. The press conference and also the people who follow you and support you is bigger. I hope this never changes. I think the fans are happy with the Athletic they’ve seen, but not with the points. That’s what we are lacking and what we want to fix as soon as possible.”

Athletic have a great opportunity to begin climbing the table coming out of the international break and it all starts with Sunday’s match. Eibar haven’t beaten Athletic since August of 2015 which bodes well for Eduardo Berizzo’s team. Three days later the Lions will travel to Madrid to play Rayo Vallecano in a match that was postponed back in September. If Athletic are able to secure the two victories they could climb as high as seventh in the league table.

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