Gaizka Garitano Highlights Offensive Versatility After 3-0 Win Over Gernika

Gaizka Garitano

“I’m happy with the offense and the defense” – Garitano (AC)

Bilbao Athletic defeated Gernika 3-0 on Saturday to remain unbeaten and keep their place at the top of the league table with 13 points. After the match manager Gaizka Garitano told reporters that he was happy with the performance saying that it was a balanced effort all around.

“I’m very happy with the game. The work of the team is very positive and I’m happy with the offense and defense. The defense didn’t give up any dangerous chances and many players were involved in the attack. They didn’t give us anything easy but we did well to create and take advantage of our opportunities. Last year we scored a lot of goals but it was mostly the same players, this year it’s different.”

Garitano went on to reveal that Peru Nolaskoain only played the first half due to being sick. He doesn’t know if the 19-year-old will stay with the team or return to the senior squad. That decision will be made by Eduardo Berizzo. The manager is also worried about Iñigo Baqué’s knee injury which he said could be serious.

“Peru only played the first half because he was sick. He wanted to play but he was vomiting, it wasn’t good. Iñigo Baqué also suffered an injury which could be serious. He will be evaluated. He’s a phenomenal player with great potential. I don’t know if Peru will stay with us. I don’t know. It depends on the first team coach. Dani [Vivian] has played an incredible match. He has tremendous potential and a good head on his shoulders.”

Bilbao Athletic will now turn their attention to next weekend’s opponent which will be a road game against Real Oviedo B. Their upcoming opponents currently sit in the middle of the table, having earned 6 points from the opening 5 games, but do have a strong squad that will give the Katxorros a real test.

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