Berizzo “We Are At Our Best When We Continue To Attack”

Eduardo Berizzo

Berizzo says his team stopped trying to control the game (AC)

Athletic Club looked to have sealed three more points against Huesca on Monday when they lead 2-0 at the hour mark. However, the Basques took their foot off of the gas and allowed their visitors to get back into the game that eventually ended in a 2-2 draw. After the match was over manager Eduardo Berizzo spoke to the media and said that his team is at their best when they continue to attack, even with a strong lead.

“We commanded the game like we always try to do, but we didn’t go for the result. After the second goal we lost control of the match. At 2-1 our opponents were able to get into the game and we were punished in the end with a draw. They took advantage of their chances in front of goal. It’s a question of confidence, of continuing the game regardless of having the lead. We tend to take a step back and stop commanding the game which can’t happen. The best version of ourselves is to continue attacking even when we have a 2-0 lead. To think that we have won is what allows opponents to get back into the game. We have to handle it better.”

Without Aritz Aduriz in the lineup the Lions struggled to create chances in front of goal. Berizzo mentioned that in the first half the team failed to utilize the left side of the field and made the adjustment in the second half which led to Yuri Berchiche’s goal. Iñaki Williams provided two assists, but also hit the post twice, and the manager said he was very happy with the forward’s performance.

“The lack of chances is worrying. In the first half we played too many passes and used the right wing exclusively without much attention to the left. We needed to move the ball quicker. When we did we have more opportunities with the wide players which is what happened with Yuri’s goal. Iñaki played a very good match. He had to have his back to the goal a lot but he created danger. He played a very good game and I’m satisfied with his performance.

Eduardo Berizzo

Athletic must continue to attack even when they have a strong lead (AC)

Berizzo brought on Ander Iturraspe for Iñigo Córdoba while the team still had a 2-0 lead and the change seemed to hurt Athletic. He admitted that he made the substitution because Dani García was getting tired in the midfield and he recognizes that it didn’t work. Reporters also brought up the question of whether or not the squad will continue to be trimmed, but the manager doesn’t plan on making any more moves.

“I brought on Iturraspe because Dani was worn out. We had to have more control, but it didn’t happen. I am counting on the whole squad unless somebody decides something differently. As of today I don’t have any control over that information. We are what we are and this is how we will continue. There may be movements, but not from me.”

In closing, Berizzo touched on the situation surrounding next week’s game. Due to stadium issues Rayo Vallecano’s Vallecas has been closed and Saturday’s fixture has been suspended. Toto hopes that they will still figure out a way to play the match and thinks that it would be the wrong decision to postpone the game.

The most convenient thing is for us to play the game. If we change the home team that could be an option or playing it at a local stadium. The best thing for us and for the league is to not suspend a game. I’m in favor of finding a way to play the game.”

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