Alex Remiro Will Reportedly Meet With Athletic Club In Early September In Hopes Of Reaching Contract Agreement

Alex Remiro

Alex Remiro will meet with Athletic in September (Play Segunda)

Alex Remiro’s contract situation has been the biggest topic of discussion in Bilbao since it was revealed on Monday that the 23-year-old would not be allowed to play in games until he agreed to a renewal. Athletic do not want a repeat of what happened with Kepa Arrizabalaga and have made their plan clear to the Lezama product. As a result Remiro’s future is very much in question, but the two sides are still trying to work together on a deal.

According to a report from El Correo, Alex Remiro wants to find a way to come to an agreement with his boyhood club and will be presenting his plan for a new contract in early September. The two sides are set to resume talks in the coming weeks and the hope is that they will be able to finalize a renewal.

So far Athletic have made three offers to the 23-year-old. The first was proposed at Christmas and would have seen Remiro make roughly €650,000 per season, followed by another that raised the wages to €800,000 but did not guarantee a place in the first team. Both were rejected by the goalkeeper who, at the time, did not believe he had a future at the club. After the departure of Kepa Arrizabalaga the club is said to have made an offer for a five year contract worth €1 million per season and containing a €100 million release clause.

The latest offer was rejected for several reasons. To begin with, over the five years Remiro would only be making the same wages that Kepa earned in a single season. If the club believes that Remiro will become the starting goalkeeper he wants his income to reflect that. Secondly, the player is said to want a lower release clause, preferably starting out at €60 million and rising to as high as €80 million by the end of the contract.

The biggest concern has been the fact that rumors have suggested that other clubs, such as Real Sociedad and Villarreal, have shown interest in singing Remiro and are willing to offer much better contracts. The report and the player’s inner circle claim that there has been no contact and that Remiro wants to find a way to extend his contract with Athletic. The most important thing to the 23-year-old is being valued. With the two sides set to meet in September Remiro will be laying out his desires for a new deal and the hope is that an agreement will finally be reached.

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