Questions Raised Over Athletic Club’s Treatment Of Alex Remiro

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Alex Remiro doesn’t feel valued by Athletic Club (AC)

Athletic Club are not playing games with Alex Remiro. Ibaigane learned their lesson with Kepa Arrizabalaga’s soap opera renewal process last year and they have determined that they won’t go through the same thing with Remiro. With the 23-year-old at odds over a new deal the decision has been made that he won’t participate in matches until he has put pen to paper on an extension.

The Lions have made several offers to Remiro who has rejected them all mainly due to wages. Those close to the player have said that he doesn’t believe the club is valuing him and that he wants a contract that reflects what he is really worth. Athletic have improved their offer and the latest proposal is a five year contract with a €100 million release clause, but the wages are still the problem. Over the course of those five years Remiro would make in total what Kepa Arrizabalaga was making in one season.

Sources close to the player recently spoke with Iñaki Ugalde of Mundo Deportivo and raised some questions that must be considered. Why wasn’t Alex Remiro renewed before joining Huesca on loan? Going forward, will Athletic leave out every player who doesn’t sign an extension? Why not let him play to prove himself worthy of what he is asking for?

Much like the recent situation with Kepa Arrizabalaga, Athletic chose not to renew Remiro last summer before he joined Huesca on loan. At this point no one knows why that decision was made but it is clear that it has caused an issue here. Remiro has been viewed as the third goalkeeper over the past few years, which could have affected the club’s outlook on his contract, but with Kepa gone everything has changed. The good thing is that the Lions did extend the contract of Unai Simón before he left to join Elche, although he was recalled after Iago Herrerín suffered an injury.

Alex Remiro

Remiro watches the match against Leganés from the stands (AS)

Athletic can’t change the past. The fact of the matter is that Remiro’s contract is expiring and the club now has to deal with that situation. Those sources do pose a great question in wondering if the club will use this same tactic going forward with other players who are at odds over the contracts. Is this a changing of philosophy or a decision specific to the issue at hand? This whole situation is far from ideal but the hope is still that a deal can be reached and relationships mended.

Both sides have merit to their positions. Athletic refuse to let someone who has never played in the Primera make such a strong demand, but Remiro is justified in wanting to be paid as a starting goalkeeper if that is how the club views him. There has been worry that he has offers from other clubs that are much more lucrative than that of Athletic, but the sources have dismissed those rumors. “Everything is a lie and you have to know what this is about. This hoax, in any case, will end at the precise moment that he reaches an agreement with Athletic.”

Real Sociedad, Villarreal, and a few other clubs are said to be interested in signing Alex Remiro and would be free to negotiate with him in January if a renewal isn’t reached. The good news is that sources claim the two sides are still willing to work with each other on trying to come to an agreement. Athletic and Alex Remiro are hoping to find a resolution as quickly as possible, but for a new deal to be reached it will take both parties compromising to find common ground.

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