Contract Dispute Sees Alex Remiro Left Out Of The Squad For Athletic Club’s La Liga Opener

Alex Remiro

Alex Remiro was left out of the squad due to contract disputes (AC)

It has been a whirlwind of a year for Alex Remiro. Last season he joined Huesca on loan where he stood out as the best goalkeeper in the Segunda and came into this summer having openly stated that he didn’t want to be a backup. The ultimate goal was for him to sign a contract extension and rejoin Huesca, but the 23-year-old and Athletic Club were never able to come to an agreement.

With Kepa Arrizabalaga standing in his way, Remiro did not believe that he had a future at the club and negotiations were at a standstill. Things changed when Kepa accepted an offer to join Chelsea and Remiro’s renewal became the top priority. Iago Herrerín’s injury saw Remiro thrust into the starting lineup, but things haven’t gone according to plan this time either.

Athletic announced the squad list for Monday’s La Liga opener against Leganés and there was plenty of shock and awe when fans saw that Remiro was left out. There was immediate concern about potential injury, but the club never disclosed any issues which brought everything full circle. With the two sides still unable to reach an agreement over a renewal the decision was made to leave Remiro out of the squad.

According to a report from Juanma Velasco of MarcaBerizzo and the club agreed to leave Remiro behind and that may continue to be the case until the 23-year-old agrees to a renewal. In most recent discussions Remiro has requested a salary that would make him one of the team’s highest paid players but, without having played a single match in the Primera, Athletic are not willing to pay him such high wages. Whether or not this approach will work out for the best remains to be seen. It could lead to a quick agreement or see Remiro want to leave the club altogether.

In the meantime, Unai Simón will start Monday’s match which will also be his first team debut. The 21-year-old was recently recalled from his loan with Elche and did not participate in a single friendly with Athletic this summer. Bilbao Athletic’s Hodei Oleaga will act as the backup. This situation is definitely far from ideal and with every passing day the Remiro renewal drama will continue to grow.

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