Iago Herrerín Hoping To Return In Early October

Iago Herrerín

Iago Herrerín hopes to be ready for the Basque Derby in October (AC)

Iago Herrerín has been in good spirits since suffering a biceps injury during training last week. Despite having to wear an arm brace to keep his elbow immobilized, he has still been at Lezama every day to work in the gym and on the field in order to stay in shape. With Kepa Arrizabalaga having left for Chelsea, the 30-year-old knows that he now has the opportunity to compete for the starting role in the team and he is doing everything to return as quickly as possible.

Athletic recently announced that Herrerín will not be undergoing surgery and that he will be facing a more conservative form of treatment. The decision was made after he met with a specialist and time was allowed to get a better diagnosis of the issue. Along with working out in the gym and doing cardio, he will also be having physical therapy as he rehabilitates the muscle.

With a treatment process now in place Herrerín is expected to be ruled out for one and a half months. He is targeting a return in early October with hopes of being ready for the Basque Derby against Real Sociedad which is scheduled for 7 October. In the meantime, Alex Remiro will be the starting goalkeeper where he will have the chance to prove himself and Unai Simón will function as the backup.

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