Iñaki Williams “Aduriz Tells Me To Take A Second To Be Calm In Front Of Goal”

Inaki Williams Aritz Aduriz

Iñaki Williams has been getting help from Aritz Aduriz (AC)

Iñaki Williams is hoping to improve his scoring tally this season after two years of struggling in front of goal. The 24-year-old recently spoke with El Desmarque Bizkaia where he admitted that he is really hard on himself when he misses chances. Iñaki revealed that Aritz Aduriz has been working with him on his finishing and he is aware that he needs to be more calm when he has opportunities to score.

“When I fail to score chances I am really hard on myself. I get home and can’t even speak. It’s hard for me to see that fans are waiting for me to score that goal and I miss it. Every missed opportunity is like a defeat, even more so when it costs you points. I have to be calmer if I want to score goals. I need to take a second, that’s what Aduriz tells me. I need a second of tranquility. The calmer I am, the more clearly I will see the goal. He’s my reference and has been helping me a lot.”

Iñaki also says that he has improved his ability to get behind defenders and manage his fatigue. With speed being his biggest asset, he would often tire himself out during games but now he better understands how to pace himself so that he can be just as dangerous at the end of games. Statistics say he is the fastest player in La Liga and he wants to take advantage of that skill.

“I have improved a lot when it comes to getting behind the defense. Before I used to be out of the game at times, but now I have learned that with my speed I don’t have to start my runs in line with the defenders. I can start further back and still get in behind. I have to use my speed wisely. Before, I would be dead around the 70th minute because I was trying to outrun opponents for every ball. Now I can better judge when to go after a ball. The sensors say I’m the fastest player in the league. I have to use that advantage that God has given me.”

Iñaki Williams figures to play a major role in Eduardo Berizzo’s pressing system this season and looks poised for a big year. The Lions are aiming to return to Europe and will need their best players to perform if they are going to reach their goal. Athletic will kick off their La Liga campaign on Monday night when they will play host to Leganés at the San Mamés.

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