Eduardo Berizzo Is Confident In His Team Following Win Over Augsburg

Eduardo Berizzo

Eduardo Berizzo is confident in his team (AC)

Athletic Club defeated Augsburg 1-0 in their final friendly of the preseason and after the game was over manager Eduardo Berizzo was quick to point out that he expects big things from his team. He told reporters that he is happy with what the squad has accomplished this summer and is looking forward to starting the La Liga season at the San Mamés.

“I am sure of what we have done and optimistic about what is coming because we can continue to grow. We will play the first league game under our own roof and I perceive a great reception from our fans. There are eight days until the start of the season and our challenge is to correct the things we have learned from these friendlies. We bet on our system of tight pressure and playing with intensity and aggression. We want to create chances and find varied ways of scoring goals.”

Berizzo went on to highlight the need for intensity and aggressive pressing for his system to be successful. He says that when the team plays the right way they can be deadly in attack and that the players have learned how to perform with the right mindset and energy during these friendlies.

“One of the biggest keys to our team is the voracity with which we go out to play. Today we didn’t change anything from the first half to the second, other than some substitutions, but we can out with intensity. When we play like this we can be uncomfortable defensively but dangerous offensively because it gives us a better rhythm. That nerve is what i aspire to, so we have to play and convince ourselves that there is no possible way of doing things differently.”

Attention was then turned to the squad with Berizzo having not made as many cuts as were expected. The manager stated that Peru Nolaskoain, Oihan Sancet, and Gorka Guruzeta will all stay in the first team and will play with Bilbao Athletic when they aren’t needed in order to ensure that they are getting regular minutes.


Unai López was praised by his manger after Sunday’s win (AC)

“The departure of Kepa has left us with one less player but I am comfortable training with a lot of people. I prefer to have many and choose the best option, so my idea is to have a lot available. Peru, Sancet, and Guruzeta will all stay in the first team and train with us. When they are not called on to play they will be with Bilbao Athletic, but it is clear that they have real options with the first team.”

In closing, Berizzo had high words of praise for Alex Remiro and Unai López. He is confident that Remiro can perform well as the starting keeper and believes that López has all the qualities needed to control games from the midfield. With so many talented players the manager is excited to start the season.

“Alex has confirmed what we expect from him. Has the calmness to make saves at the right moment or key play during the game. Then he has another great strength which is that he plays very well with his feet. I already said before Kepa left that we had three goalkeepers of excellent quality and now we have two, although one is hurt and we hope that he recovers very soon. I was also happy with Unai López’s performance. He can play vertical passes, short passes, and use depth. Unai is a very good game manager.”

Now that the preseason has come to an end all of the focus will go towards preparing the team for the La Liga opener against Leganés which will take place on 20 August at the San Mamés. The Lions have a difficult start to the season and will be looking to take all three points in their first match.

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