Eduardo Berizzo Reveals Plans For Asier Villalibre And Andoni López

Asier Villalibre

Asier Villalibre is expected to return to Bilbao Athletic (AC)

The preseason is rapidly coming to an end with the La Liga campaign starting in just two weeks. Eduardo Berizzo has been hard at work preparing his squad for the upcoming season and that means that the time is quickly coming for players cuts. After going three straight friendlies without using Asier Villalibre and Andoni López the manager has admitted that it would be best for them to get minutes elsewhere.

“I explained to Villalibre that his chances are diminishing and that I would prefer to have him close and in a team that offers him minutes. He is coming from two loan spells without continuity so to me it seems like the best thing for his career to play every weekend and Bilbao Athletic offers that to him. We will have to see if he wants the same thing.”

Berizzo went on to admit that the best thing for López would be a year on loan at another club that can guarantee playing time, while also discussing his hopes for the goalkeeping position. The manager trusts all three keepers in the team, but would prefer to keep only two this season.

“I have talked with him and explained that there are a lot of players in his position. It would be unfair to keep him and he not have minutes. At his age, continuity is very important he may find a loan that allows him to play a lot elsewhere. As far as goalkeepers, I’ll have three until the math says two, but my opinion is that any of the three are quality enough to defend the Athletic goal. If we stay with three then great, and if we stay with two then that’s great too.”

Over the last few weeks sources have said that Berizzo would like a squad of 25 players. As things stand right now there are 30. However, he has also said that he is in no rush to trim the squad and is willing to keep anyone who can help Athletic be successful this year. Villalibre and López look set to find minutes elsewhere, but other exits are anyone’s guess at this point.

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