Pablo Fernández Praises Eduardo Berizzo And Shares Good News On Iñigo Martinez And Raúl García

Pablo Fernandez

Pablo Fernández has high praise for head coach Eduardo Berizzo (AthleticTV)

Pablo Fernández has been serving as Eduardo Berizzo’s strength and conditioning coach for eight years now since originally joining the Argentine’s staff at O’Higgins. The pair have always worked well together and the results have followed. On Wednesday Fernández took the time to address the media and had high words of praise for his head coach and the way he leads a team.

“This is my eighth year working on Berizzo’s coaching staff and we plan to play with the same method we’ve been using for these eight years. He is a special coach, very capable, with brave ideas. He is very intelligent and transmits what he wants well. I believe he is one of the best coaches in football today. He is also someone who listens carefully to the opinions of those who work with him. Every day we grow and learn together.”

Known as Profe, Fernández has always been an outgoing conditioning coach who is willing to use different technology to get the best out of his players. While in Holland he would introduce new music every day and he says that he is always open to trying different things if it helps the players improve and work hard.

“I would say that my approach isn’t very conventional. I like to use music and technology, because sometimes it is important to change things up and introduce new stimuli. What we want is for the team to be in the best possible shape every single game. Every day is important and you can’t think that one is more important than another. Before going out on the field we like to start in the gym. The exercises are diversified depending on the position, players, and even the qualities that we are trying to develop more.”

There is plenty of excitement surrounding this Athletic Club team and with good reason. Fernández says that the players have quickly adapted to Berizzo’s style of football and he hopes to see the team enjoy a strong start to the La Liga season.

Inigo Martinez Training

Iñigo Martinez could return to training next week (AC)

“We have a team with great enthusiasm, despite the fact that the work is very demanding. When you work with a new team the first thing you look for is for the players to take ownership of the system. I think we have achieved that and the team is integrated well. Our team is prepared to play our style and we hope that every one of them can reach their best as fast as possible so that we can start the league strong.”

In closing, the coach touched on a few player issues which were all positive. He revealed that Iñigo Martinez, who has been nursing a calf strain, could return to the group next week. Meanwhile, Raúl García is almost fully integrated back into the team after a muscle injury of his own. Fernández also had some great things to say about Aduriz, who is in terrific shape for his age.

“Aritz is an extraordinary player. From the physical point of view, I haven’t discovered any issues at all. He is a footballer with a different capacity than the standard or the normal. As a player gets older the recovery process sometimes takes longer, so we will be careful with him so that he goes into each game in the best possible way. He has completed these three weeks of training with no problems. We are hopeful that Iñigo Martinez will start to slowly rejoin the team next week, but I can’t put an exact time on it. Raúl García is already 80% and is almost fully integrated back into the team.”

It has certainly been a grueling preseason for Athletic. Over the first three weeks almost every day contained two training sessions, but Berizzo has done away with that this week in favor of giving the players more rest. Still, Toto is pushing his team to play with constant intensity which has been evident in the friendly matches so far. The Lions will be back in action on Saturday when they will face off with rivals Real Sociedad in the final of the Basque Cup.

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