Aritz Solabarrieta Is Excited About The Challenge Of Coaching CD Basconia

Aritz Solabarrieta Basconia

Aritz Solabarrieta is excited about the challenge of coaching Basconia (AthleticTV)

Athletic’s feeder club, CD Basconia, was officially presented on Saturday with the squad beginning preseason training and there is definite excitement surrounding the team. Juvenil A manager Aritz Solabarrieta has taken over as the new coach and is looking to turn things around for Basconia who finished 15th in the table last year. Solabarrieta began training with 24 players but said that the squad is not set because he is waiting for Gaizka Garitano to assess his team at Bilbao Athletic.

“I am happy to continue here one more year and face a new challenge with a lot of desire to start playing and hope that everything will go well. We are waiting to see what decisions are made from above, from Gaizka [Garitano], and after that we will see how many players we have in the total squad.”

Solabarrieta was a massive success while coaching the Juvenil A team and is hoping to do the same after bringing a handful of promoted players with him to Basconia. He took the time to send a message to his team during his press conference, making it clear that winning in the third division is extremely difficult and that his players need to be totally focused right now.

“Eleven or twelve of them were with me last year and I know the rest even though I haven’t trained them. The only signing that I do not already know is Iker Salvador. The Tercera has always been tough and facing opponents who are 10-12 years older is a major challenge. The season starts now and we have to wake up quick. This league will not give us anything easy so there are players who must take a step forward, not only in matches, but in training as well.”


The 2018/2019 CD Basconia team (AC)

In closing, the manager explained that the purpose of Basconia is to prepare players to one day challenge for a place in the first team. He wants to see the club have a strong year, but the most important thing is for every player to get better over the course of the season.

“Basconia is a training club, everyone has to grow. The goal as a team is to improve and for the players to be better at the end of the year than they are now. I also hope that we are able to give some joy and have a good year.”

Although the ultimate goal of CD Basconia is to prepare players for the first team, last year was still disappointing to watch the club suffer in league play. The promotion of Solabarrieta and several players from the Juvenil A team has brought hope that things can be improved, but it won’t be easy. The Tercera is a difficult league especially considering the age difference between Basconia and other clubs. Still, this is an exciting group full of talented young players who are looking to take the next step in their careers which could mean big things for Basconia.

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