Athletic Juvenil Will Compete In The Laredo Preseason Tournament


Last year’s Athletic Juvenil A team found immense success (AC)

The Athletic Club Juvenil A team is coming off of an immaculate season. The Katxorros won their league and made it to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey before being eliminated by Atlético Madrid. Manager Aritz Solabarrieta was blessed to be able to field one of the most exciting generations of players in recent memory and did well to get the best out of his squad. This year the team will look a lot different.

Most of the players from last year’s squad have been promoted to Bilbao Athletic or feeder club CD Basconia. Even Solabarrieta has moved on, being named as the manager of Basconia where he will be able to continue training many of the same players. Andoni Galiano has taken the reigns of the Juvenil A team this season, being promoted from Cadet B, and will be looking to develop another impressive group of young prospects.

Galiano’s team will be competing in the yearly preseason Laredo Tournament in early August in what will be a strong test before the season begins. Nika Cuenca of Fiebre Rojiblanca has reported that the Katxorros will face off with Racing on 3 August, while the other semifinal match will see Real Betis matched up against Real Madrid. The final will be held on 5 August.

The Juvenil A team will begin preseason training on 19 July, so there will only be a few weeks of preparation before they will play in the Laredo Tournament. Aside from those remaining from last year’s squad, Galiano’s team will consist of 14 players promoted from the Juvenil B team, as well as three new signings so far. The team will be looking to build on the success of last season but the most important thing, as always, is the development and growth of the young players.

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