Iñigo Martinez Suffers Calf Injury During Training

Inigo Martinez Training

Iñigo Martinez suffered a calf injury during training (AC)

After two straight days of having double training sessions, the Athletic players were given a small break on Friday by only practicing once. Eduardo Berizzo organized the squad into three teams of 11 and played games on a shortened field to work on movement, passing, and pressing. However, not everything went according to plan when a player pulled up injured.

During the game Iñigo Martinez played a pass and immediately felt pain at the top of his left calf. He raised his hand to call for a break and was escorted off the pitch. The medical staff quickly got an ice pack for his leg and he was taken into the changing room and was unable to continue for the remainder of training. Afterwards the club announce that he had suffered an injury to his Sucral Triceps and that tests were being done to determine the extent of the injury.

Calf strains are a common football injury and recovery times tend to be fairly standard across the board. A Grade I strain normally takes 7-10 days to heal, while a Grade II takes roughly 3-6 weeks depending on severity and how a player’s body responds to treatment. A Grade III, which is a complete tear of the muscle, can take around 3 months to full heal. Based on how Martinez reacted to the injury and was able to walk on his own suggests that it isn’t a Grade III, but there is no way to be certain without tests being conducted.

The most important thing for the 27-year-old is to rest and get fully healthy before returning to the training field. Coming back too quickly could result in re-injury or damaging the muscle even more. The club will update everyone after tests are completed and until then any diagnosis is pure conjecture. The hope is that the injury isn’t serious and that Martinez can be back with his teammates as quickly as possible.

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