Oscar De Marcos Could Be A Special Weapon For Eduardo Berizzo

Oscar De Marcos

Oscar De Marcos could be a special weapon for Eduardo Berizzo (AC)

New Athletic manager Eduardo Berizzo had plenty to talk about during his press conference following Monday’s training session. He took his time with reporters and was sure to answer every question, but he spent the most time discussing his style of football. Toto said that he wants to play a collective game with a focus on attacking and pressing with intensity. Although he said that he didn’t want to talk about specific players, Berizzo did have quite a bit to say about Oscar De Marcos.

When the topic of conversation turned to the fullbacks in the squad Berizzo immediately mentioned De Marcos. “I think that De Marcos is a player that can adapt to any position on the field”, said Berizzo. “He can fulfill the needs of the team in any match and we have to take advantage of that”.  The 29-year-old has been the picture of versatility throughout his career with Athletic and could now be a very special weapon for Berizzo.

Since joining Athletic back in 2009 De Marcos has played in almost every position on the field. From defense and midfield to striker and winger he’s done it all. Of course, this has led many fans to settle on their own opinions of where he fits best. Some believe that he has been held back the last few years playing as a right-back and that he should be moved back into attack. Others think he is the best option in defense. Regardless of where you may fall on the spectrum, it looks as though Berizzo is open utilizing De Marcos in different roles based on what the teams needs most.

Throughout his managerial career Berizzo has fostered a reputation for being a meticulous planner. He always wants his team to play the same style of football, but he will add in wrinkles and nuances depending on the opponent. To Toto it’s all about taking advantage of matchups and winning the positional battles on the field. It is this very reason that De Marcos could become one of the most important players in Berizzo’s team.

Depending on the opponent or specific game plan, De Marcos can be used in a multitude of roles due to his quality and consistency. Sometimes he can feature as an attacking right-back, while he could also play in the midfield to aid in pressing and creativity. Maybe Berizzo will even use him on the wing if the need arises. The possibilities are exciting and, with the arrival of Ander Capa, De Marcos has been freed up to play wherever he is most needed. Only time will tell what Berizzo will do with De Marcos, but after hearing Toto’s press conference it really does seem as though he’s in prime position to be a major weapon for Athletic.

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