Eduardo Berizzo Discusses His System And Desire To Play Attacking Football

Eduardo Berizzo

Eduardo Berizzo hopes to play attacking football at Athletic Club (AC)

When Eduardo Berizzo was named the new manager of Athletic Club there was plenty of excitement among the fans. Toto had already proven himself at Celta Vigo and was a disciple of Marcelo Bielsa. His arrival has come with a lot of expectations and hope that the Argentine will be able to bring back success and beautiful football. Following Monday morning’s training session, Berizzo spoke to the media and discussed his style of playing football.

“My goal has always been to play collective football. I don’t like to focus on individuals, the team is successful when everyone is playing together. I like to attack as much as possible, but to do this you have to defend yourself as well as possible. We need a defensive system that allows us to recover the ball and I believe that possession is a weapon. I already knew the players and they knew me. There is enthusiasm and excitement. I expect a lot from my team and I trust my players a lot. It’s going to be a season of great effort and commitment.”

The new manager went on to state that he enjoys having players who can operate in different positions. Having versatility in the team is always a good things because you never know when you might need something different. Berizzo highlighted players like Oscar De Marcos who can fill multiple roles.

“I like that so many players can play in different positions, or that they can start in on position and adapt to another when the team needs it. I think De Marcos is a footballer who can adapt very well to anywhere on the field and can fulfill the needs of the team in any match. Even as a fullback he can be a surprise so we have to take advantage of that. I also think Ganea will give us a lot of versatility. I like having fullbacks that can be a part of the attack. All of our fullbacks have offensive capabilities and that must be utilized.”

Turning his attention elsewhere, Berizzo appeared to dispel rumors that he could use five defenders this season by saying that he has always enjoyed using a 4-3-3 system. His midfield group will depend on the opponent and what the team needs, but he hopes to capitalize and the strengths of different players.

Eduardo Berizzo

The Eduardo Berizzo era has officially begun at Athletic Club (AC)

“I like to play with 4 defenders and 3 attackers. The middle of the field varies based on what is needed, but I like starting from the original idea of a 4-3-3. I have to assess the strengths of each midfielder and adapt them to my idea. My goal is to use three midfielders who are all different from each other and combine them. I decided to send Mikel Vesga out on loan because the other players in that position are at a higher level. I hope that Oihan Sancet proves his quality as soon as possible. His adaptation has to be quick because the train of opportunities moves quickly.”

In closing, Berizzo admitted that he can’t tell what the weaknesses are at the moment, but he definitely knows the strengths of his new team. After years of coaching against Athletic the Argentine is excited to lead the Lions and is hopeful of having a successful first season in charge of the team.

“Right now I can’t tell where the gaps or weaknesses are. However, it is very clear what are strengths are. I’m not going to talk about previous seasons, but this is a strong team. Until now I have always been a rival when I have come to the San Mamés. I think this team can capitalize on the environment created by the fans. I am very appreciate that Athletic has shown confidence in me.”

The new season will begin in late August, which means there is only a month and a half until the team must be ready. Berizzo will be looking to make the most of every single training session and will also be taking the team to Holland from 23 July until 29 July where the players will get to practice in a different environment. The preseason has just begun, but hopes and expectations are high. The Berizzo era has officially begun.

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