Berizzo: Every Player Will Have The Opportunity To Compete For Their Place In The Team


Berizzo says that everyone has the chance to earn a place in the team (AC)

New Athletic manager Eduardo Berizzo oversaw his first training session on Monday, during which he had 34 players at his disposal. The team spent a lot of time doing drills with the ball and Toto was sure to move around to different groups to explain things and speak to the players. After practice there was a time for team pictures, followed by a press conference with Berizzo. Toto made it clear that he loves the training process and is excited to be coaching Athletic.

“The first day there is always hope and my feelings are very good. In regards to treatment, facilities, and planning everything is as it should be. Now we have to work on the field. Our workouts are always with the ball. In preseason in the morning we will be working with the ball and in the afternoon we will work on physical training. I’m a lover of training, I love to train. I don’t allow trainings to go wrong. I am very appreciative that a club like Athletic has shown confidence in me. That leads me to do my job the best I can on a daily basis.”

Berizzo went on to say that the most important part of training right now is to get the players to understand the system. It is easy to look forward to what you want to accomplish, but that shouldn’t happen until ideas are understood. Ultimately, the goal is to make the team stronger.

“When you star preseason you love to say where you want to go, but first you have to find the way to play. When you develop a way to play solid you can be successful and go as high as possible. As a coach my challenge is to seduce the players to follow my ideas, to get the entire squad playing the same style of football. My goal is always to play collective football. I don’t like talking about specific names because it is my job to make every one better and to make the team better.”

Sancet Training

The most important part of preseason is understanding the coach’s system (AC)

From there the new manager discussed the fact that he has 34 players currently in the squad, with many of them being youth products called up from Lezama. Berizzo explained that everyone is competing for a place in the team and that age and experience don’t matter at this point. It is his goal to put together the best team possible.

“All players who are here today have been appointed by me and everyone will be assessed. I am very happy with the players who are here and the youngsters I promoted. It is a matter of evaluating and putting together the right squad. Everyone is a part of this team and everyone will have to compete for their place. Every player will have that opportunity. Right now we have eight preseason games scheduled and I’ll take the maximum time needed before I start making decisions. Kepa will join us on 23 July for our trip to Holland.”

Berizzo has planned an intense first week of training that featured four days with two sessions. His goal is to get the players to grasp his system as quickly as possible so that they will be ready for the new season which will begin in late August. Toto has always been a meticulous coach and every detail of training session has already been prepared. The campaign may still be over a month away, but every day is vitally important to finding success this year.

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