Iker Undabarrena Expected To Sign With Tenerife When His Contract With Athletic Club Expires

Iker Undabarrena

Iker Undabarrena is set to sign with Tenerife (Athletic Club)

Iker Undabarrena is living his last days as an Athletic Club player. The 23-year-old has gone through two major knee injuries but has remained a leader for Bilbao Athletic and has played at a high level for quite some time now. However, the club has decided to allow his contract to expire after he demanded a promotion as part of any renewal deal. The midfielder will be a free man on Saturday and it already looks as though he has a destination in mind.

On Monday, Ager Sardui announced that Iker Undabarrena will be joining Tenerife when his contract with Athletic officially expires. Sardui commentates games for Bilbao Athletic and the Women’s team for the club so the report seems to be true. Making the switch to Tenerife will see the midfielder join Athletic legend Joseba Etxeberria who is currently the manager.

Many fans are upset to see Undabarrena leaving due to the fact that he has always shown flashes of brilliance while playing with the reserves. There is a belief that he deserved the chance to train with the first team, but for whatever reason the club has decided to allow him to leave to decide his own future. Perhaps he could return to the San Mamés one day, but for now he will only be an Athletic player for a few more days.

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