Athletic Club In Advanced Negotiations To Sign PSG’s Yuri Berchiche

Yuri Berchiche

Athletic Club are closing in on signing Yuri Berchiche (Le Parisien)

Athletic Club have made PSG’s Yuri Berchiche one of their top transfer targets this summer and with good reason. He is the best Basque left-back in football, spent time at Lezama when he was a child, and is a realistic transfer target. The Lions are trying to build the strongest squad possible for new manager Eduardo Berizzo and believe that Berchiche would be the perfect addition while also adding experience and quality.

Yesterday it was reported that Athletic have already submitted an official offer to PSG to sign the player, who is said to be interested in returning to Athletic. The French giants have still remained the biggest obstacle to overcome, but new information has come to light that suggests that Athletic could be closer than ever to reaching a deal.

According to a breaking report from Javier Beltran of ASAthletic’s offer has enticed Berchiche who is interested in joining Eduardo Berizzo’s project and now wants to make the switch to the San Mamés. In fact, the report goes as far to say that a deal with Berchiche is basically done and all that is left is figuring out a transfer fee with PSG. The offer on the table would see Berchiche become one of the highest paid players at Athletic and sign a four year contract.

PSG’s original asking price for the 28-year-old was €30 million, but that has since been lowered. Beltran says that the two clubs believe that they can come to an agreement and right now they are less than €8 million apart with Athletic recently raising their offer. Upon initial assessment, the current fee could be somewhere in the neighborhood of €20-€25 million. Atletico Madrid are still interested in the left-back, but right now Athletic are the only ones making a serious push to sign Berchiche and new manager Thomas Tuchel will not stand in his way of leaving if the two clubs come to an agreement. If all goes according to plan, Athletic could strike a deal with PSG in the coming days.

The most important thing to Yuri Berchiche is being a key player. He did not feature as much as he expected at PSG and is looking to make a move where he can be a regular starter. Athletic are willing to offer him that chance and he is said to be excited about the possibility of returning to the club where he spent a few years as a child. He also has a great relationship with Iñigo Martinez and Dani García who could be big factors in his willingness to make the switch to the San Mamés. As things stand right now Athletic have a very good chance of signing Berchiche and will need to work diligently to reach an agreement with PSG.

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